‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 3 review: Sylvester goes undercover, Ralph faces a bully

Scorpion -If you were hoping to see more romantic moments between Paige and Walter after their kiss  in the season 2 premiere of “Scorpion” then you were likely a little disappointed with episode 2. There was very little movement between these two romantically and they really do seem to be getting back to business as usual, but it was nice to see that Walter is trying to embrace the fact that he has feelings about things at all. Happy and Toby are no closer to getting together after she called him “pal” on the last episode, leaving Sylvester as the only one in a healthy relationship with Megan as he finally admitted that he’s in love with her. Speaking of Sylvester, we haven’t had nearly enough of him this season, but that’s going to change with tonight’s episode that is going to land him in jail as he goes undercover for the team.

Sylvester is ready to tell Megan that he loves her, but a call from the garage gives him the excuse he needs to put off opening up about his feelings to her. The case of the week forces Sylvester to go undercover and becomes a prisoner to get information from the inside, but of course anything that can go wrong, does. Eventually he gets the information that the client needs, but it required a lot of sacrifice on Sylvester’s part including getting punched in the face by a fairly scary dude. After his horrible experience in jail (including a near death experience), Sylvester is inspired with new found confidence to tell Megan exactly how he feels and she loves him too.

Walter is still finishing up his community service, but he’s got a new shadow that he can’t get rid of with a guy named Ray that wants to get to know him better. Is this really a great idea for Walter? Probably not, but when he helps the team on a mission, Walter opens up to him a little more.

Toby over hears a conversation Happy is having with someone on the phone, and it sounds like she’s setting up a date with someone else. Toby’s heartbroken (along with all of us shipping Toby and Happy), and although we briefly saw this guy at the end of the episode, we still don’t have much information on him. Are we buying that Happy will go on a date with anyone after Toby hurt her so bad? We find it suspect.

Ralph has barely been part of this season, but we had a chance to hear what’s been going on with him. He’s doing a bully’s homework in order to avoid getting beat up, and everyone has ways they think he should deal with it, but he has his own plan. He made himself a celebrity by applying to Harvard and getting accepted at 10 years old and bullies like celebrities so it worked.

We thought that this episode was going to have a lot more play on Sylvester’s phobias being that he’s in a dirty prison, but it seems that he really over came some of those fears last season during the case where he helped get the child out of the sink hole at the beach. We are happy that he worked through those issues, but it was a part of Sylvester that made for great comedy. Episode grade: B+

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