‘The X Factor’ UK review: Louisa Johnson, 4th Power, Josh Daniel wrap up bootcamp

X Factor -Group round is over on “The X Factor” UK, and on tonight’s episode, the focus was put strictly on the individual act! What that means is no more Franken-performances, and a chance to see everyone sound like we would expect them to going into the Six-Chair Challenge on this upcoming weekend.

As per usual, check back this article throughout the episode for more updates! We’re here to accompany you on this mad musical journey throughout the next two hours and afterward.

Silver Tone – Here is our major concern right now. The two times they’ve had a long time to come up with a performance on their own, they’ve come with something underwhelming. It’s like they want to be something different as a group than what the judges want them to be, but in this case, the judges are actually right.

Lauren Murray – The judges were insane about her before Ground Round, but she was basically a background singer there. This was more of a return to form. A few off notes and lyrics, but we do see the potential here. She just needs to have some more confidence and command of the stage.

Brodie Kelly – It’s “Diamonds,” the song that cursed our guy Calum Scott during the “Britain’s Got Talent” finale. Calum had a lyric issue, and here Brodie have a vocal issue. He mostly just looked exhausted and/or sick throughout most of this.

Simon Lynch – We’ve shown ourselves to be huge fans of Simon’s over the past month or so, and with that, he cannot take this too harshly. This was just not the right song for him at all: It was dated, dreary, and it took away much of the charisma and down-harm that he has. We still believe in him, and have confidence he’ll get there.

Josh Daniel – This is what we’re talking about! Josh really has the potential to win the whole competition. He’s probably at the top of our leaderboard right now based on his audition, and he does have a powerful enough voice to make it happen.

Seann Miley Moore – Add this to one of the best performances so far. Great vocals, great presence, and easy to remember to boot. Right now, Seann has it all.

Anton Stephans – Seriously, did the judges just give the acts like five songs to choose from? We never loved “A Song for You” that much to begin with, but we’re already over it. Anton and his super-expressive face is still brilliant.

Alien – They are still weird, and we do think that six is a little big for a group. Yet, there’s still fun and different and we want them to last thanks to that.

Joseph McCall – The real thing Joseph needs to just do is sit down on a stool and let his voice do the talking. If he calms down and makes things a little more simple, he could do well.

Monica Michael – The judges were probably a little harder on her than she should have been. She’s still going to go through to the next round most likely, so there’s no cause for immediate concern.

Papasidero – We really think he’s a better singer than the show gave him credit for at times. We actually think that had this gone better and his props worked as planned, he would’ve been a great person to keep on the show. Granted, we don’t know if he’s still going to advance at the time we’re writing this.

Che Chesterman – There’s just something about this guy that we really like. Maybe it’s that his look and his voice don’t match, or maybe it is that he completely blows the roof off every time that we hear him.

Jamie Benkert – He was someone who stood out in early performances, but really seemed to struggle here.

Ebru – Love the name. We actually liked what little we saw of her performance. It was energetic!

Mason Noise – Mason may be a cocky / kind of delusional dude, but we’d take him over a prototypical ballad boy any day more than a decade into the show. We like confidence over constantly shaking in fear.

Bupsi – She couldn’t move as much around thanks to some health issues, but we do think she is not the most marketable

Ben Clark – We do think that to a certain extent, Ben’s voice is limited compared to other people. Yet, it’s distinct. Which side wins out?

4th Power – They probably work harder than anyone else in the competition, and they can also sing. The thing they do still need to work on is that we don’t think they always need to be at 11; sometimes, they can go for softer moments rather than big ones.

The First Kings – These guys have always thought they were very good, and we do think for the most part that they have the talent! What they need to work on right is figuring out how to channel that. A little bit of dance overload here.

Holly Johnson – Very nice, but memorable? We’re not sure. She held out some of the notes longer than she needed to.

Jennifer Phillips – She had that huge audition with the Mary Mary song, and has impressed pretty much every step on the path since … including tonight.

Kiera Weathers – She had a few little bumpy notes in here, but ultimately what Kiera does is something that few others in the competition do: Combine vocals with a youthful energy that makes us think that she could do well on the radio.

Louisa Johnson – Next to Josh, Louisa is probably our favorite to go far this season. Young women do sometimes have a hard time breaking through to the finals, but she has everything that a potential star needs.

Chloe Paige – She’s good, but she needs to do a little bit more to stand out from Louisa. To us, the two feel rather similar.

Gifty Louise – We feel like her performance was at least unique; we weren’t mesmerized, but at the moment we’d sake her over a few other people.

Charli Beard – We’re honestly not going to find this performance too memorable; it’s not so much a slight against Charli as it is a reminder that there have been so many people performing over this episode, and only a few are really going to make themselves known.

The end of the episode was for a most part a bit of a mess, and admittedly, it’s hard to really even track who all is through and who is not. For the most part, though, the usual suspects (Josh Daniel, Louisa, 4th Power, Kiera, Lauren, Alien, Monica, and a few others) are going through. We’ll get more in-depth with this soon with the challenge. We are happy to see that Papasidero somehow still made it through!

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