‘Game of Thrones’ season 6: Venting about a set photo situation

LogoAll it takes at the moment is a simply internet search today to determine that a major “Game of Thrones” secret has been revealed. Why? It has to do with people continuing to relentlessly spy and tease things from the show’s wide array of sets in Northern Ireland and Spain.

We’re not going to reveal what this secret is here, mostly because of one simple reason: The show wants it to be this way. Do we really need to know exactly what this tremendous secret is? What is it that we are getting from having the knowledge early? We don’t feel like knowing spoilers is going to get anyone more excited about the show; instead, it may bum some people out to know about this in advance. If we were a casual fan, one of the things that would anger us the most is seeing a major publication openly spoiling the show with a headline while trying to read other stories.

Yet, this (people impeding a show set) is a trend that we don’t see ending anytime soon, unless publications actually stop publishing unauthorized set photos for money … and that is not likely to happen. There was an age where the creative process was uninhibited for the most part by the internet and social media, but times have changed, and while a show like “Game of Thrones” may do all they can to keep secrets from coming out, it’s impossible to stop them completely.

Ultimately, we feel like how far some people are going to get these set photos is becoming as much of the story as the photos they are actually taking. It’s a story within a story, and it is sad for those out there who like the element of surprise.

Ultimately, everything will be revealed on “Game of Thrones” starting with the show premiere in the spring. We’ll have further, authorized news before then.

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