‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2 premiere reaction: On that Annalise-Eve twist

HTGAWM -There were a variety of different surprises that unfolded over the course of the season 2 premiere of “How to Get Away with Murder,” whether it be learning the truth about Bonnie as Rebecca’s killer or seeing Annalise Keating shot in the flash-forward that took place at the end of the premiere. (They wouldn’t kill off Emmy winner Viola Davis, would they?)

To us, though, one of the more interesting storylines was the arrival of Eve (Famke Janssen), a powerful woman with a surprising romantic past with Annalise that dates back to when the two were at Harvard. The two shared a kiss in the premiere and some more heartfelt dialogue than we tend to see between Keating and any other person, so what we are to make of that is a question that will be interesting in the coming weeks.

For now, what executive producer Pete Nowalk had to say about it to The Hollywood Reporter is that you are meant to question whether or not the encounter between these two characters was political and driven towards Eve ultimately taking on Nate’s case, or if there was a genuine personal reason for it:

“The question with everyone in Annalise’s life is, ‘Are you giving me the real Annalise or are you manipulating me to get what you want?’ That definitely applies to Eve; we don’t know yet. Eve took Nate’s case for whatever reason and Annalise is a very special figure in her life as well as Eve is to Annalise. So we’ll see!”

Nowalk also teased that over the course of the season you will see the show play with time some more to further explain how Annalise gets in the near-death position that she is in during the flash-forward, but it may take some time before answers arrive.

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