‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12 premiere reaction: Meredith’s focus; Bailey’s new job; Jackson, April’s trouble

Grey's AnatomyDid the “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere meet some of your expectations? For us, what we feel like is that the Shonda Rhimes series at least tried for the most part to shift its tone somewhat from a really despondent second half of season 12, and gave us a few stories that were all about hope and change.

Let’s start here with Dr. Bailey, who now has a new title to go along with her name: Chief. Her new promotion came after she found her inner confidence, and made a pitch to everyone in the hospital that while there may be some other qualified candidates, she is devoted to this hospital and loves it. Therefore, there is really no one better to tackle this particular position.

For Meredith, what we saw was definitely a story that was much more lighthearted than any of the angst and heartbreak we saw previously. Derek was not exactly on the tip of anyone’s tongue, and instead, she was struggling with her roommates in Amelia and Maggie, and then also preparing to teach a new class. It was a sign that she is moving forward, and we think that this was important. After all the hardship of last season, why continue to dwell on this?

There was a required dose of marital strife (it feels like there is a required dose, anyway) courtesy of the story with April and Jackson tonight. This just in: They’re still not doing well. Maybe they will figure this out, but they are not even close to be on the same page. There was also the difficult story about two teenage girls who loved each other, but were willing to put themselves in front of a train if it meant dying together versus living apart in alone after one of their parents’ terrible means to try to change her. Maggie slapping one of the girls’ mothers has to be the craziest moment of the night by far.

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