‘Shark Tank’ preview: The Beebo, McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars, Signal Vault, Acton, and Ashton Kutcher

Shark Tank -Shark Tank” is coming back on the air Friday night, and who wouldn’t want to see what the Tank has in store for us this season? We’ve got new businesses, new entertainment, and in the premiere, a brand-new Shark! We’re getting a guest appearance from Ashton Kutcher in the first episode, and he will be sitting in the place that is typically held by Daymond John when he makes appearances on the show.

ABC sent out a screener for the premiere a while back, so we are writing this article from the rare position of having already watched the episode. Still, we’re going to do our best to preview the four products appearing Friday as we always do in these articles without giving anything away.

The Beebo – It’s a simple product: It makes it easier for parents to feed their babies. No longer does it have to be a two-hand job! We think that this is one of those smart, cheap, easy-to-market inventions that could sell very well on the market, though there are still questions that you need to ask. First, is this really a problem that needs solving? We’re not sure. Also, is this something that will pose trouble for a clumsy person?

Acton – Forms of transportation are very hit-or-miss with this show, at least in terms of getting a deal. What we would be worried about with these RocketSkates is whether or not the failures of other past innovations in travel on the show will influence what the Sharks think about this one. They are incredibly cool to look at, but it really only seems to replace traditional walking as a way to get from one place to another. You’re not going to suddenly replacement getting in a car with this.

McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegars – Thirsty? Well, the problem here is vinegar. Not everyone likes it. Yet, if you click on the product name above and go to their website, you’ll see that they’ve got a good brand established that reminds us of the old-school charm of the product. Some beverages on the show have fared well, so don’t write this one off just because vinegar is not a fan favorite.

Signal Vault – We like the idea of this business very much: It is affordable at just under $15, and you can slide it into your wallet. Basically, it’s a hard that could prevent your credit-card information from being retrieved when you are in the presence of certain scanners. Not everyone may know this is a problem, but with such a low price point, they may still want to buy it, anyway.

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