‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 2 review: Is Walter going to jail?

ScorpionNow that Paige and Walter have admitted to having feelings for each other (and kissed), they decided to both go back into complete denial about just how much chemistry they have and try their hardest to keep things professional around the “Scorpion” garage. We suspect that this won’t last long after that kiss, but is it better for their work to bottle up their feelings and press onward or for them to just indulge?

Walter is still pushing his “I don’t get emotional” agenda, but this time it might actually land him in jail. His lawyer is trying to get him to say that he was overly emotional about Paige and that’s why he was driving erratically and crashed the car (in the season 1 finale), but instead he’s denying any emotional involvement and that he was just driving recklessly – a claim that could land him in jail for 90 days. After trying to convince him to lean towards the “emotional driving” plea Walter eventually decides to plea guilty and admit to his emotions playing into his accident, giving him some community service and escaping jail time.

Sylvester is trying to tell Megan how he feels about her in a card, but it’s not going that well, so Toby has taken Sylvester on as a project in hopes that he can bring out his emotional side. After the mission and Toby’s help, Sylvester is able to admit that he’s in love with Megan and he decides to go and tell her. Toby on the other hand is getting words like “pal” from Happy, so he’s no where near fixing that relationship.

One thing that we were really happy to see in this episode was Paige being very useful on the mission and helping to understand an overly emotional client. There was not nearly enough of that during season 1 (at least not until the second half of the season) so we were thrilled to see her have such an important roll out in the field early in season 2. Episode grade: C+

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