‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 9, episode 1 review: Did Leonard and Penny’s wedding go off without a hitch?

Big Bang -The Big Bang Theory” revealed weeks ago that Leonard and Penny were going to be getting married, and it was also confirmed that it was going to be taking place in Las Vegas. It was an unusual wedding, and something that was really different than what many people were arguably expecting back when these two first got engaged.

On the surface, we liked that it was different! The show already did the big romantic ceremony with Howard and Bernadette, so there was no need to repeat that. With that said, was anyone surprised at just how sad much of this felt? Thanks mostly to the reveal that Leonard actually works with the woman he kissed in Mandy, she was even more furious than she was when she first learned that he kissed her aboard the vessel in the North Sea.

So while they are married, the wedding night was spent apart, and there is no hope for blue skies on the immediate horizon. Do we think they will get past it? Probably, but Leonard’s going to have to work for it and he knows it.

While Leonard at this point realizes his mistake, Sheldon seems to be more or less in the dark. That is why he and Amy are now broken up completely, after he decided to go hang out with Howard and Bernadette while they watched the stream of the wedding … even though he knew she did not want him there. He did his typical shtick of making it all about him, and she was over it. They are kaput, and then of course Stuart tried to hit on her. By the way, Stuart is currently our favorite part of the show. His one-liners are gold, and he has some of that energy of the un-evolved nerd that the show had circa the first two seasons.

We are a little surprised that the premiere was in some ways such a downer, but we did still enjoy some of the one-liners and we’re glad that the Leonard / Penny wedding is done. We just have to figure out how these two men in Leonard and Sheldon are going to prove that they are growing up, something that they have at times been reluctant to do. Grade: B-.

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