‘Ink Master’ season 6, episode 13 review: Everyone fumbles on NFL day

Ink MasterThere are only 6 contestants left on “Ink Master” season 6 and it’s a very interesting group. We have two pairs that are master and apprentices (Chris/Tyler and Duffy/Kruseman) and we have a pair that are working together in an alliance (Craig/Matt). We have a strong feeling that we are going to see at least one master and apprentice make it to the finale together (what better TV could there be?) and as we’ve been saying all season it’s looking like it’ll be Tyler and Chris. Maybe tonight will change our thinking, but the edit has been very strong for this outcome since Chris took out St. Marq at the beginning of the season.

Flash challenge: This week the artists are being tested on their technical application and to help show off this skill, they will be tattooing NFL super fans by giving them a tattoo of a football. To go along with that, “Ink Master” is bringing in some special guests and it’s 6 NFL star football players (1 from each team that the canvases are fans of) and they will autograph the canvases skin and that will be tattooed along with the football.

With Duffy winning tattoo of the day last week, she gets to hand out the skulls for the flash challenge. Chris tried to strong arm Erik’s skull pick last week and Erik ended up going home. This week Duffy isn’t listening to anyone and the only people she’s hooking up with good canvases are herself and Kruseman – unfortunately Duffy picked a canvas that she had a good connection with, but who is older and sometimes older skin is harder to work with.

All of the tattoos came out looking pretty great! The judges gave Craig and Chris some tough critiques, but over all they really liked what everyone did. Matt thought outside of the box and although we thought he was going to win this challenge, Tyler got the win.

Elimination tattoo: The NFL superstars are back for the elimination tattoo and they get to pick their own design and who they want to tattoo them (except for Tyler who gets to pick the canvas he wants because he won the flash challenge). Chris had a great strategy to push a bad canvas into wanting Craig and it happened – Craig got a canvas that wanted a whole sleeve and has a bag full of ideas. Craig was able to talk his canvas into scaling back and we are hopeful that this will keep Craig in the competition.

Judging: We expected a lot more from these tattoos tonight, but there were some fumbles (see what we did there?). The judges weren’t really stoked on anyone’s tattoos and they really gave Craig a hard time about his motivations for being in the competition saying that he didn’t feel like he was there to win the show. So who won tattoo of the day? No one. As for the artists in the bottom, we had Duffy, Craig, Tyler and Kruseman (human canvas jury). We were surprised to see Kruseman in the bottom since his rose was pretty great, but he was voted in for his lack of creativity in the design. Tonight we lost Tyler!!! Really shocking since we thought that Chris and Tyler were for sure going to be in the finale together.

This was a pretty rough go for our artists and it was extra tough to see Craig getting ripped by the judges since we have such a soft spot for him and feel like he’s there to win. There’s only 5 artists left, and we would be happy with any of these artists winning. Episode grade: B-

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