‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Steve’s continued speech practice

steveWe suppose that in a way, we do have to thank Steve Moses at the moment for giving us at least something to discuss that is “Big Brother” related in the final days. If it wasn’t for him and his speech practice, the live feeds would be duller than the recap show that aired on CBS last night.

Steve has crafted a pretty powerful speech when it comes to what he will do in the event he wins the final Head of Household. Specifically, he will evict Vanessa, and he will tell her that much of stems from at first Johnny Mac’s comments weeks ago that she is the Derrick of the season, coupled with his own revelations over time about it and how great of a game that she played. He seems to be fine comparing himself to Cody, and he makes one thing clear: He won’t win against her at the end of the game.

The advantage to giving a speech like this if he wins the final HoH is that he does compliment her extensively by calling her the best female player in the history of the show. We’re not sure we completely agree with him (Danielle Reyes), but she is certainly up there. Maybe this butters her up enough to allow her to vote for him. However, at the same time he also runs the risk of giving her so much credit that nobody on the jury, if she gets a chance to say something about it in her question, thinks that he actually did anything in the game himself.

Ultimately, Steve versus Liz would be a pretty close competition, but we do hope that Steve wins if that is the case. We’re not sure if we can name a winner that would be worse than Liz; while she did some good things when it comes to alliances, we cannot think of really any major game moves that she was the catalyst for virtually all season.

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