‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 14 review: The Liam, Zita, and Karma kerfuffle

Amy and Karma -Relationships tend to be rather fluid on “Faking It,” and while they are sometimes funny, they can at other times being sad.

We’ve never been the biggest fan of the Liam character mostly for the same reason that many others do: The show is constructed in a way that makes it easy to root for Amy and Karma, and with him around, that is less likely to actually happen. Therefore, you would think that there would be a part of us happy to see him with Zita. It is someone who comes from at least a similar background, and she’s obviously aggressive in her pursuit of him.

Yet, we’re mostly just angry over it because she seems to be hyper-manipulative and almost evil in this episode. Sure, she did spend countless amounts of money bringing Liam, Shane, and Karma out to Los Angeles to watch Duke’s fight in-person, but she knew money wasn’t an abject. She also knew that she could put herself in a position where she could have someone (in this case the press) drive a wedge between the two without having to do anything herself. So Karma and Liam may now be done, if they were anything at all to begin with given their current status. Meanwhile, Zita kissed Liam, and that may be a thing.

As for the rest of the episode, we’d say that it was mostly silliness other than Shane accidentally revealing to Duke in an argument about his publicist that he is the one who outed him. That’s going to cause some long-term problems, isn’t it? The silly story was seeing Amy and Lauren embark on a wild-goose chase to find out about a possible affair that turned out to be Amy’s father getting back into the picture; the irony here was that it originally started thanks to a note Theo had left for Lauren outside her house, which she didn’t claim ownership for at first. It felt almost like we were going on a series of hijinks for now reason.

Sure, we don’t like Zita, but we’re really not meant to. This episode of “Faking It” was still what it was intended to be: Funny and dramatic. We’re also glad that Shane’s secret is already out there, since that would’ve been annoying to hold onto all season. Grade: B+.

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