‘Graceland’ season 4 spoilers: How can the story with Jakes move forward?

Somehow, “Graceland” continues to find ways to pull the rug out from under you, and in the show’s season 3 finale Thursday night, one of the ways that they managed to do that was by throwing the character Jakes into a position where he decided that after everything that he’s been through, he is tired of playing for the good guys. He took the $9 million after a fight with Johnny, and seems ready to run off and start some new life with Courtney.

We’re not sure that this is something that Brandon Jay McLaren’s character is ever going to come back from, but after the show, creator Jeff Eastin still made it very clear that there are no plans to have him gone from the show. One way or another, he will be back; just take a look at his comments per The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’ve got the house to a really crisis point. We try to do it every year. … The house is in crisis not the least of which because Dale Jakes, who is now potentially on the run, and if he’s on the run, that may compromise the house and that creates a whole lot of problems for everybody. Brandon is a fantastic actor, and I have no intention of not having him on the show next year, so we’ll figure out a way where Jakes is still a big part of the show although he may not necessarily be doing it from behind the badge.”

There is no word on a renewal from USA just yet, but as we said in an article yesterday, we come very much from the school of taking a wait-and-see approach. We’d rather be slightly pessimistic and be surprised than expect something 100% and be disappointed.

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