‘The Amazing Race Canada 3’ episode 11 review: Edmonton’s cab drivers seemingly hate waiting

The Amazing Race CanadaWe feel like at this point in “The Amazing Race Canada” season 2, we had a show that was really running on all cylinders with a number of super-likable teams going into the finale. At this point? Well, about that…

We feel for the editors who had to craft Thursday night’s leg in Edmonton, given that you were basically seeing the people who played dirty getting rewarded by staying in the race. We’re not to proclaim that we have some high moral standard when it comes to the race, or that Gino & Jesse are terrible people for stealing two separate teams’ cabs over the course of the episode. It’s part of the race, and there is no rule against it really. Nick & Matt also went after Simi & Ope’s cab after the brothers committed their act of thievery for the first time.

Do we think that it impacted the finish that much? We’re not that sure, and we tried to map this out. While Simi & Ope would’ve arrived to the Face-Off in better position, they looked pretty bad at the curling and we’re not sure that they would’ve beat anyone there. The only real bearing we see this having is that maybe you could argue that if Gino & Jesse had to call a cab after finishing their round of curling, maybe something could’ve been different at the very end. Maybe.

The biggest reason that it’s not a great look is that for this show specifically, the producers and Jon Montgomery really try to hype up the greatness that is Canada and its people, and yet we have people resorting to cab-stealing to get ahead. It adds to the drama, but this is one of the rare shows we don’t really watch for that. We like it more lighthearted and fun.

We could talk more about the sad end of Simi & Ope’s journey, but we do want to take a minute here and at least comment Brent & Sean for dominating this leg of the race! They picked the right recycling-related Detour, they were surprisingly good at curling, and while the Roadblock played a little bit into their skill (performing a scene when they have some theater background), they still could’ve blown it like the hockey players did last season. We didn’t give them all the credit for winning with the Express Pass, but they deserve it here, and who knows? Maybe there is so much animosity between the wrestlers and Gino & Jesse that they become the sleeper pick to win.

We’re still not sure we love the whole Face-Off as a twist, but overall this episode was still entertaining despite it not leaving the best taste in our mouths. Maybe the real lesson of the story here is that cab drivers in Edmonton really don’t want to wait for you. Maybe take an Uber instead. Grade: B.

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