‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Professional Regurgitator, Drew Lynch, Paul Zerdin perform in finale

AGTTonight, the “America’s Got Talent” kicked off its season finale event with ten performances that could be life-changing. Even if the winner this season does not go on to have an enormous career, it is still a million dollars. That is not something to sneeze at.

As per usual with these live shows, we are going to do our best to give you impressions on some various performers as the night goes on!

Oz Pearlman – The mentalist was on his game right again! We don’t quite think that this is a trick that probably will get him the title, but he continued to represent himself very well. What we also appreciated about this trick is that there were a few things in here that feel almost impossible for him to predict, even if he talked with the judges beforehand.

Uzeyer Novruzov – We’re not going to say that Uzeyer actually did something with a higher degree of difficulty this time. While both were physically impressive, getting the ladder up the stairs was the part of this was challenging, and we weren’t as terrified watching that as we were what he did last time.

Benton Blount – We give Benton credit for trying to appeal to the young folks out there with “Story of My Life” with One Direction,” but the reality here is that the producers put him early in the show, we’ve seen similar singers in the past, and while we think that he’s a nice guy and we want the best for his family, he’s going to have a tough time winning.

Gary Vider – Gary did some great stuff tonight, starting with him managing to push the envelope and tell a Caitlyn Jenner joke that was funny without being offensive. We feel like he had a really strong set overall, and one that could be tough for Drew Lynch to beat later.

Piff the Magic Dragon – We thought going into this that Piff had it made, but he probably did cram a little too complicated a trick into a short amount of time tonight. We’ve never really loved Mr. Piffles as anything other than window dressing, but he is still funny and a magician we’d pay to see in a heartbeat.

Paul Zerdin – Paul is a very talented guy, and while we do think that Howie Mandel has a point about two of his dummies sounding similar, it really doesn’t matter. What he does is so crazy and amazing that he deserves commendation.

The CraigLewis Band – Without a doubt, very good … but is it good enough? The thing is that many of the other acts tonight so far other than maybe Gary have been somewhat underwhelming, and they had a very good night. That could help them.

Derek Hughes – The biggest letdown of the night, mostly because we’ve seen these sort of rope tricks before. Oz has been probably the best one of these mentalists / magicians so far, but he was first and no one will probably remember him.

The Professional Regurgitator – Stevie Starr is a crazy man. We’re not sure how he does it or why he does it, but he is something out of this world. We never thought he’d have a chance to win the show, but we’re starting to see that it’s possible.

Drew Lynch – Drew was very funny in closing the show, but for the most part we still feel like the act was a little bit more of the same thing we’ve heard from him before. he’s got the story for him and also going last, so him being placed here is going to make things very interesting.

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