Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 13 review: Should Kilgrave die or live for season 2?

We are at the end of the season 1 of “Jessica Jones” and with so many loose ends still needing to get tied up we just don’t know how they are going to do it in one last episode. Kilgrave is more powerful then ever, Luke Cage has been shot in the head and Jessica doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

Jessica has brought Luke to the hospital, but he’s still unconscious. There was a nice guest appearance here from Rosario Dawson (AKA: The night nurse/Claire on “Daredevil), who helps Jessica get Luke out of the hospital when they discover that he is someone with “gifts”. After telling Claire about Kilgrave, she offers to call her “friend” who has special abilities too… are we looking at a possible “Jessica Jones”/”Daredevil” crossover in the future?

Even though Kilgrave’s father tells him that if he gives him the whole dose of this virus that it will likely kill him, Kilgrave tells his dad to give it all to him. He has horrible plans for Jessica if he can get her under his control again and hearing his list of terrible things made us shudder. He is truly an incredibly scary villain and we don’t know how Netflix is creating these layered, freakishly scary bad guys like Kilgrave and Wilson Fisk, but they are doing it better then anyone else. Their villains steal the show every time without fail.

At the final show down between Kilgrave and Jessica he commands her to stop moving and she does. Is it a trick? Kilgrave thinks so and he threatens to take Trish, make her his slave and that Jessica can never see her again, but she still doesn’t move to stop him. He starts to think that it is no longer a trick and that he has power over Jessica once again as we see Kilgrave smiling and excited that he can finally love her and she will love him, but we know Jessica likes to play the long game and that’s exactly what she’s doing. She kills him and is arrested for his murder, but Hogarth gets her out of trouble and the show ends with people coming to her and asking her to be a hero for them.

We felt that killing off Kilgrave was a huge mistake for this series since he is easily the best part of this show. Will they have other villains as strong as him? Probably not since there isn’t much out there that is scarier then mind control and David Tennant is easily the star of this show. We haven’t made it any secret here that while we think that Krysten Ritter did an okay job, we just don’t think she is strong enough to hold this show on her own. We honestly had hoped that Kilgrave would escape, maybe disappear for season 2 and reappear for season 3 since he is tied so strongly to her and would deserve a second go around in this universe. This ending has left us feeling lukewarm about season 2. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of the first season of “Jessica Jones and would you watch the second season? Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts on season 2.

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