Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 11 review: Jessica’s origin story, Luke is back

Only a few episodes left until the season 1 finale of the Netflix “Jessica Jones” series and outside of Krystin Ritter’s over acting, we have to say that we have really enjoyed the season so far. We are in the thick of the drama right now as Hope has killed herself as a way to release Jessica from her self guilt about ending Kilgrave’s life, but he’s on the run with his father. Is she going to find him in time or will his father suffer the same consequences as his mother did?

Have you been wanting to know more about Jessica’s teenage years? Seemed that after Jessica’s accident, Trish’s mom felt that taking in Jessica as her adoptive child would help change Trish’s reputation that has started to spiral out of control as a child star. After moving in with Trish and her mom, Jessica starts to realize that she has super strength when she breaks a marble sink with her bare hands. Trish comes into the bathroom and sees Jessica holding the sink over her head, and Jessica diverts the topic to Trish’s bleeding shoulder (courtesy of her mother). Jessica asks Trish not to tell her mom about her super strength because she knows Trish’s mom will just exploit her, and they come to an agreement where the secret stays hidden. Eventually Jessica can’t stand the abuse Trish is under and exposes her secret to save her.

As much as we’ve wanted the Will story to disappear, it hasn’t. He’s showing up everywhere that Trish is and is asking questions about Jessica’s whereabouts. He kills some men in front of Trish, locks her up in her apartment and uses her phone to call Jessica and she agrees to meet him. He shows up at Jessica’s apartment and tries to kill her, his reasoning is that he needs to kill anyone who planned on putting Kilgrave in jail instead of killing him. Eventually Trish escapes and shows up to help save Jessica and even though he was able to throw Jessica through a wall, a simple bathroom lock is enough to save Jessica and Trish from his wrath. Eventually he hacks his way through the door and Trish takes his red pills herself and is able to subdue him. Unfortunately taking the red pills without the blue pills afterwards leads to serious life threatening problems and when Trish stops breathing things get hairy, but the EMT is able to help her come back. Have we seen the beginning of Trish becoming Hellcat???

At least we have a little hope that things are going to get better next episode since Kilgrave texted her saying that he has Luke… and the mind games continue. She shows up just in time to watch Luke’s bar get blown up with Luke in it. As he stumbles from the flames, Jessica helps put him out and they realize they need each other to stop Kilgrave.

No Kilgrave in this episode and way too much of Will. This storyline feels very disjointed from the rest of the show. Magic red pills making him a super soldier and killing everyone else instead of Kilgrave – none of it makes a lot of sense at this point and as much as we had hoped that Will was killed off in this episode, the doctor behind the program finds him and rescues him. Episode grade: C

How do you think this first season is going to end and do you want there to be a “Jessica Jones” season 2? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below and have your opinion heard.

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