Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 7 review: Is Kilgrave in love with Jessica?

Now that Luke knows the truth about Jessica’s involvement in his wife’s death, she feels just about as bad as anyone could feel in this situation. So what is Jessica’s solution to this pain? As you would expect, she’s drinking away her sorrows.

When she returns home to her apartment, she finds her upstairs neighbor dead in her bed courtesy of Kilgrave. She wants this to stop and comes up with the solution that she gets herself arrested and put into a supermax prison thinking that the prison is a high tech mousetrap and a perfect to get proof on Kilgrave since he will come for her himself and it will all be recorded. She tries to get herself ready to go to supermax: She hires Hogarth, tries to talk to Trish, looks for Luke to tell him that she’s going to get justice (but he’s off somewhere being mad), and she confronts her adoptive mom (also Trish’s real mom) and threatens her to stay away from Trish and stop hurting her.

Trish on the other hand has her own plans to get to Kilgrave and she’s only sharing this idea with Will. She is going to get to him through the bodyguards that were protecting him. Will has other plans to go after Kilgrave himself (and protect Trish) so when he finds him living in Jessica’s childhood house, he doesn’t tell Trish.

Malcolm thinks that Jessica’s plan is terrible and so he calls in Trish for help. Trish and Malcolm clean up the crime scene and when Jessica returns home to see that the body is missing she’s upset, but Trish tells her that she has a lead on Kilgrave. It’s not enough for Jessica and she fishes the body out of the river and carries her neighbor’s head to the police station where she meets with an officer who already has suspicions of her being linked to other murders. She is having a hard time convincing the detective that she should go to supermax, but this was all for not anyways because she is mysteriously cleared of everything and let go. As she is walking out she sees all of the officers in the building are under Kilgrave’s control.

So now that Jessica and Kilgrave are face to face, she asks him why he hasn’t just taken control of her and he reveals that he wants her to act on her own accord when it comes to him because he’s in love with her. His confession reveals that she is the first person that walked away from him, that he couldn’t have and the first person that he wants to want him back of her own free will. She of course claims that it will never happen, but he is not willing to give up. She heads home to find a present from Kilgrave and it’s her diary from when she was younger and it leads her to her childhood house where Kilgrave is waiting for her.

Kilgrave’s declaration of love is not surprising, but is he capable of love? He is certainly a man that wants what he can’t have and we understand that he would become bored of only having people in his life doing what he wants because he controls them. Jessica is more of a challenge then love and feels like he mostly just wants to see if he can have people do what he wants on their own. Even though we know that this romance will never happen on Jessica’s end, there’s something about this situation that is pulling us in – a weird chemistry that shouldn’t be there, but is. Episode grade: B+

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