Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 5 review: Jessica and Kilgrave strike a deal

Now that the secret is out about Malcolm on “Jessica Jones” she is on a mission to learn as much as she can about her drug addicted neighbor. Was he always this way or is this something that has come around due to his involvement with Kilgrave?

Jessica dives deeper into Malcolm’s past and learns that until 6 months ago he was a normal functioning member of society. Now that Kilgrave is controlling him and getting him to take pictures of Jessica (Malcolm can also thank Kilgrave for his drug addiction), he can barely handle the basic day to day functions. She follows Malcolm and he leads her right to Kilgrave, but she decides to wait until making her move on him and instead studies Malcolm and Kilgrave’s meetings.

Trish and Will have quickly moved into a sexual relationship and now that she trusts him, she pushes for Will to help her and Jessica with Kilgrave. Will shows her a safe house where they can store Kilgrave in a sealed room after nabbing him, and suggests that they take more time with this plan, but Jessica wants the three of them to move on him right away in case he’s onto them. They get their shot and they drug Kilgrave dragging his unconscious body to the waiting van. Unfortunately he’s wearing a tracker and some goons that are under his control find them before they can put him in the sealed room. There’s nothing they can do except watch the goons drive away with Kilgrave… when he wakes up he’s going to be pissed.

Malcolm may not be of use to Kilgrave anymore, but his drug addiction is still very real. Jessica decides that she’s going to help him get clean, even if he doesn’t want her help. When Kilgrave wakes up he calls Jessica and offers a trade – to leave Malcolm alone, if she starts delivering the pictures of herself to him every day. She decides to take the deal to save Malcolm’s life.

What we liked about this episode was seeing how optimistic Jessica was about being a superhero and helping people before Kilgrave got his hands on her (we especially liked seeing Trish holding up Jessica’s superhero costume). It was also cool to see how much Trish wants to be a superhero and how difficult it is for her to not be able to help as much as she wants. We also saw Jessica and Kilgrave’s first meeting where he sees her using her powers (to save Malcolm) and decides that he must have her – very chilling first meeting.  Episode grade: B+

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