Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 3 review: How close will Jessica, Luke become?

There is serious chemistry between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and now that they have revealed their secret to one another we wonder if they will grow closer or keep things casual as to not attract any unwanted attention from others that don’t know about their superpowers – people like Kilgrave.

This episode starts out with Luke and Jessica falling into bed together again after their big reveal to one another, but these two have been lone wolves for so long that we expect there to be some serious growing pains in this relationship. We learn that Luke is unbreakable, while Jessica has super strength and that outside of a small reference to Luke knowing of The Hulk, he says that he’s never met anyone else with “gifts”. Jessica mentions Kilgrave as someone she knows with mind control powers, but Luke has a hard time buying into that ability even though it has affected him already even though he doesn’t know it. Under Kilgrave’s control, Jessica killed Luke’s wife a year ago, right before Kilgrave was hit by a bus.

Jessica’s mission is to get her hands on the anesthetic drugs that could weaken Kilgrave so when they eventually come face to face, she can defend herself and help bring his special brand of mind control out into a public forum to help Hope, Trish and even herself. Trish has Hope as a guest on her radio show to help expose the truth about the mind control she was under and even names Kilgrave as the man behind it. Trish keeps her own experience under wraps until Hope’s lawyer steps in and starts saying that Hope’s story isn’t true – then Trish starts exposing herself to the world and insults Kilgrave. He calls into the show to let her know that she’s walking a fine line.

Later Kilgrave sends an officer to Trish’s house to kill her, but before he can finish the job, Jessica shows up and is able to save her. Jessica puts a tracker on the police officer in hopes that he will lead her to Kilgrave…. and he does. She’s got the drugs and she’s in the apartment Kilgrave is staying in, but he escapes and all she’s left with are the hundreds of pictures he’s taken of her while stalking her the past few months. After seeing Kilgrave again with her own eyes, she breaks things off with Luke, but still doesn’t reveal that she was responsible for his wife’s death or that his wife’s death is what helped her break free from Kilgrave’s mind control just long enough to walk away right before he got hit by a bus.

This was a great episode when it comes to laying out exactly what Jessica is up against when it comes to Kilgrave. She thinks she has a way to stop him now with the drug, but getting close enough to him to administer it is something else. He is also forcing her back into solitude, while making her paranoid with how closely he’s been watching her. There’s a lot to love about this show and we hope it only continues to grow at this nice steady rate. Episode grade: B-

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