‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Downtime, and what’s taking place

LizFor all of you who were hoping to spend a better part of your day watching the “Big Brother” live feeds, we come bearing some sad news: There is not too much going on today for you to see.

CBS first posted last night that starting at 9:45 a.m. Pacific time, the feeds were going to be off, and they will remain that way until approximately 11:30 p.m. Pacific. While it is typical for the feeds to have an outage coming up with the final five eviction show taping early, we don’t remember a large, specified outage like this. Then again, it’s hard to remember everything with the feeds year-to-year.

We feel like the reason for the show doing this is for the most part logistical given all of the events that the show has to get through today. Vanessa for one has to get through the nominations, which are probably going to be earlier today. (We feel like it’s not great news for John and Steve.) Meanwhile, the Veto will probably happen this afternoon, and it is also possible that Liz could get her chance to go outside of the house. We’d be surprised if they make her go by herself, so we feel like Austin will probably get a chance to accompany her on their first outside-the-house date. Won’t it be funny if someone else gets to come and they just have to sit there? (Regardless, this has to be better than seeing Beast Mode Cowboy obsess over Jerry Jones last year.)

If the feeds were up at times during the day, it’d probably just be intermittent between various outages. We almost prefer it this way since at least people won’t be sitting at their computers frustrated. Now, let’s just hope feeds are back when they claim they will be.

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