‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Vanessa waffles, and Johnny Mac trolls

JohnAt this point in “Big Brother 17,” we really just have to appreciate the simple things. The complete impatience that Johnny Mac has for Vanessa and some of her theatrics is one of them. He is a guy who really shows almost zero interest whatsoever in kissing up to people, and that is precisely what happened with Vanessa last night.

Basically, John told her that his word is “no good” during a brief conversation with her, and also that he wanted to evict everyone in the house one by one because they all evicted him. We want to say that this is strategy, but the reality here to us is more that he doesn’t really have the patience for any of this anymore. We feel like he’s the sort of guy who would rather be evicted than have to worship the ground Vanessa walks on. We’re not sure that it is great TV, but it is very entertaining.

Vanessa has talked about nominating Johnny Mac and Steve with an intention of taking out basically both of them … just not at the same time. We think that she eventually settled on Steve being a bigger threat at some of the upcoming challenges.

What we wonder right now is this: Is anyone going to wake up and smell the coffee that Vanessa is taking a leisurely stroll to the end of the game? To us, it would be somewhat interesting to see a situation where Austin and Liz team up with whoever stays this week to try to get her out of the game at the final four. If they don’t make the move then, we feel like she is going to be extremely hard to beat in the final two, and getting to that point with five Head of Household wins under her belt is outstanding.

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