‘Under the Dome’ series finale reaction: Letting it be the end

Often in the modern age of television, there has been a thing known as basically doing anything known to mankind to ensure that your show is saved. That means pitching it to various networks and almost pleading for someone to give you another chance.

However, it is now more than abundantly clear that this is not “Under the Dome’s” future. Tonight was the series finale, and it will stay that way moving forward. TVLine states that upon the show’s cancellation, it was settled for the most part that it would be the end, and executive producer Neal Baer feels more than fine with it:

“I’m very happy with this ending. I feel very satisfied … We made it so there could be another [season]… but it wasn’t necessary.”

We do at least feel that in some ways, there is at least a little bit of closure to the show (at least for some characters). The Dome is down, Julia and Barbie are engaged, and so long as you don’t pay attention to the whole thing with Dawn and the egg, you could start to feel like there was some closure. It was clear that there was a possible season 4 written into the finale, but in the end it probably would’ve been a weird one without Junior, and without the original Dome and Chester’s Mill in the same way.

At this point, it is probably in everyone’s best interest to move forward. The past two seasons really were in our mind a shell of the first one, and while they did some things right, they at times became too confusing and muddled in mythology for their own good.

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