‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Head of Household – endurance updates (with eggs)

AustinAustin probably had it right when he said sarcastically that the Head of Household competition tonight was “riveting” for “Big Brother” viewers at home. Seriously, we don’t know why they keep doing this thing with the eggs. We’ve never found it that entertaining, and we’ve also never found it to be that unpredictable. Typically, the person who gets out to a good start is the person who ends up winning it.

When the show started to wind down, it did appear that Austin, Vanessa, and Johnny Mac all had at least a little bit of a chance … though for the sake of giving us an ending that is not just Vanessa waltzing her way to the end and winning, we almost wanted her to win this time and deal with that adversity of turning on people. Plus, it’s great TV.

When the show ended, Austin was the only one to have an egg at all, but there was still plenty of time for things to change a little bit … provided that nobody starts to really fall behind.

7:05 Big Brother time – Austin still has the lead, but Vanessa and John are right behind him.

7:15 – We have a drop! Right now Vanessa has a slight lead thanks to Austin dropping one. John is behind her.

7:20 – Unless Vanessa starts to drop some eggs (it’s unlikely, given that she has such a good strategy going right now), it feels like she is going to win this. It’s interesting, since we’re not sure that the final five Head of Household is really a great one to have.

7:26 – Maybe we spoke too soon! Vanessa has dropped an egg, and now we of course have to start wondering if she will throw this at the last second. She’s still in a good position, though.

7:30 – For those curious, Liz has went for the luxury spot, which makes sense given that she had no chance at winning.

7:39 – Vanessa wins again! This means we’re going to have an interesting week, one where she really has to choose a side as to who she wants to keep around in the game. Our guess is that she’d want to take Liz out, but so much of this could depend on the Power of Veto.

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