‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Preparing for the next Head of Household

steveCome tonight’s “Big Brother 17” episode, the final six is going to become the final five, and that is not particularly great news for Steve. He is going to lose his title of Head of Household, and it is pretty well assured that we are going to see Liz come after him if she stays in the house (which it looks like she will).

Yet, will Austin do the same thing? We feel like right now, he is in one of the more interesting positions in this game. He knows that Vanessa is out mostly to protect her own interests, and there could be something said for eliminating a potential swing vote. Maybe Vanessa is not the target, but we could envision situations where she ends up on the block and he needs to make some sort of tie-breaking vote. He’s going to have an opportunity to go after her provided that he wants it.

We feel like the people in the worst position right now are Austin and Steve, but knowing that he wasn’t playing today for HoH, he tried to keep Austin awake for as long as he possibly could just to ensure that he gets a little bit tired out and will not be able to focus. It’s possible that we see the competition on tonight’s episode, but if it’s there we’d need to see some sort of luxury competition or something to spice up Sunday’s show.

Another possibility? Endurance, which John is probably in a pretty good position to win. The funny thing with that is that unless he’s in a situation where he is against Steve and Steve wins the Veto, the odds of him going home this week are slim.

We’ll see more of it tonight, but it’s hard to take too much buildup to it seriously, since as Steve trying to smooth things over with Liz since that is pretty impossible. You can head over here to get some other updates from the live feeds, or click here to get some other TV updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: CBS.)

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