‘Under the Dome’ series finale video: Big Jim and Julia spring an escape

After spending the past three seasons “Under the Dome,” don’t you learn a thing or two all about what to survive? Clearly, you do, since this is the focus of the new sneak peek is all about seeing how Big Jim and Julia manage to be quick on their feet, and manage to escape prison.

In some ways, it is cool seeing these characters work together. However, at the same exact time you could say that this show is in some ways emblematic of some of the issues that the show has faced. Surely, a prison guard would know better than to fall for this old trick, right? You would at least want to think so.

The story of this episode is in one way or another going to lead to the dome coming down, and the residents of Chester’s Mill finding out if it is at all possible for them to try and survive in this new world. We know that originally, there were plans to explore some of what could have been for these characters beyond the end of the Dome, but that was dashed when CBS decided to cancel the series after three years.

It does feel like the show’s producers were aware that this episode could be the series finale, so one way or another, we do anticipate some sort of ending that people are going to be happy with … or at least that’s the hope. There will be at least some sort of an ending.

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