‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ spotlight: Will Peih-Gee Law rally her way to a win this time?

Peih -

When we first saw that Peih-Gee Law was a candidate to return for “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance,” we were met with two very different emotions: Excitement, but also anxiety. We didn’t want to get our hopes up that someone who was really fun the first time around would be back, given that she was from a season that wasn’t extremely recent, and nor was it so old that it had the nostalgia factor.

Luckily, it just so happened that enough fans agreed with us that she should be brought back for another season! Peih-Gee is going to be an interesting one to watch out for this season, because she’s one of the real wild cards. She doesn’t have much company from her season, she’s not going to be an instant target for any reason, and she knows the game … but will this be enough to get her to the end?

History lesson – 5th place, “Survivor: China.” It has been a while since we’ve seen this season (which is a personal favorite for strategy and for good characters), but we remember Peih-Gee for being spirited, competitive, and the sort of never-say-die underdog that you really want to root for. She found herself almost in a similar position to Danni from “Guatemala” as the last person from her alliance, but she just couldn’t win immunity at the end or convince anyone to take her. Granted, it was probably the right move since she would’ve been hard to beat in the end.

What worked last time – She was probably better in some of the challenges than she got credit for, and did win immunity the week before she was ultimately sent home. More than that, though, she was a strategic player who may have been a little bit quiet at times, but knew when to fly under the radar. She’s also the sort of person who can show her value really easily, which is super-important when you are trying to think about who you want to bring to the merge.

What needs to change – The biggest thing for Peih-Gee is strictly trying to find a way to get out in front of an alliance even earlier, and surround herself with people who can win some challenges, and also some people who are easier targets than her. This is something she explains really well in her CBS All Access video. She also needs to find a way to expose vulnerabilities a little bit better, which is ultimately one of those things that is easier said than done. She worked on Denise and Amanda hard at times in “China” to flip on Todd, but it just didn’t happen. She didn’t make too many enormous mistakes last time, and that makes us wonder if she should take bigger risks earlier in the game if she starts to sense she is on the outside of the numbers.

Potential obstacles – One of our fears for Peih-Gee is just that she may not know as many people in the “Survivor” community and could just run into a bunch of pre-game alliances from people who were either from recent seasons, or share some sort of nostalgia bond. She’s also on a tribe with some other big-time strategy fans in Spencer, Vytas, and Shirin, and sometimes strategists don’t want too many other similar people out there.

Prediction – There’s no reason to get rid of Peih-Gee early unless she just completely blows it in a challenge. Spencer and Shirin are both more obvious threats strategically, and we feel like after the merge there will be some bigger fish to fry. We just feel like she could be a potential blindside vote somewhere between the final eight and final four, mostly because you don’t want to sit at the end with her, and in addition to that, you don’t want her to get you before you get her.

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