‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Paul Zerdin, Sharon Irving, Uzeyer Novruzov, and the Professional Regurgitator

AGTTuesday night marks the final “America’s Got Talent” performance show of the season, and we are in the place now where almost everyone has to bring it to get to the final part of the competition. This is why we were impressed that from the very beginning, almost everyone was pretty good. There were no early duds, and that has us confident about what was coming up the rest of the way.

Below, you can take a look at all of the acts who performed on the show, coupled with our take on precisely how they did … mostly independent from the judges’ take.

3 Shades of Blue – To us, the only obvious problem with this performance was mostly time. This was a good song choice to us, but it was watered down to such a short amount of time that we don’t really think that it built to where it should. That’s what makes a rock band on this show so difficult … but we do still think this is one of our favorite performances of theirs.

Gary Vider – The funniest thing about Gary’s performance tonight was actually his quick “nothing in German is good for me” after Heidi spoke German to him during her critique as a way to do something a little “different.” The truth is that she’s a part of a very small minority in her comedic taste; Gary is great at what he does, and while his delivery is a little slow, it’s worth it since so much of it works.

Alondra Santos – For a teenage girl, Alondra has a ton of confidence. She not only sings, but she moves about the stage really well and actually performs. We don’t think that she will get through to the next round, but we could still hear her voice clearly despite a slight backing track and we could tell that she was hitting the notes despite the performance surrounding her.

Freelusion – The end of this was totally insane, and we’re not sure a socio-political message about the dangers of technology is the right venue for a mainstream show. Still, the dancing was really exemplary, and they were just as good as any other time.

Alicia Michilli – Alicia gave what was a pretty solid performance, but we have to say that as a whole, we were probably a little more bored here than we were at any point in the night before this. “Ain’t No Sunshine” is just such a sleepy song, and we’ve heard it so many times. While she sang it well and the visual presentation was cool, it was just devoid of excitement.

Piff the Magic Dragon – This was really tremendous. Really, we feel like this is what everyone wanted to see from Piff all along last week, and that is simple magic that emphasizes the humor first and foremost, and puts the dog a little bit in the backseat. That’s why this may be one of our favorite single performances of the season. You had humor, magic, creativity, and a great use of his dragon gimmick and the dog.

Daniella Mass – A really stunning performance, and we do feel like out of the singers so far, she does have the best chance to advance. Yet, what we’re seeing tonight is an audience get blown away more by some of the variety acts, and not so much the singers hitting the stage. She could face some trouble.

Uzeyer Novruzov – This is the problem with Uzeyer. He’s brilliant at what he does, but there is such a high risk. If something goes wrong, then it all falls apart. It did tonight, and he’s probably not going through because of it. We do love the fact that he almost sent the show into chaos trying to get another 90 seconds.

The Professional Regurgitator – No matter how you slice it, it is pretty gross seeing what this guy does. Yet, it’s almost like seeing a bizarre magic trick in its own right since there is nothing about this trick that really should be possible … and yet, it is. We never thought this act would be so successful before the season, but it has taken on a life of its own.

Sharon Irving – Another song choice in “Imagine” that is not entirely inspired, especially compared to her awesome version of “Glory” last time. Yet, she hit some really beautiful notes and may have been able to surpass Daniella as the singer of the night. It’s possible, after all, that only one of them goes through.

Paul Zerdin – Pure genius. We don’t know how in the world you top using Howie Mandel as a ventriloquist dummy, but it completely worked. We’ve never seen anything quite like what he is able to do, and it’s outstanding. To us, he may be right up there with Piff tonight.

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