‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: Paul Reubens will return for multiple episodes

The Blacklist logo any seasonFor those of you who enjoyed seeing Paul Reubens around “The Blacklist” as the creepy Mr. Vargas, we imagine that the following will be music to your ears: You are going to get a chance to see more of the character moving forward.

According to TVLine, the character, who has ties to many sources and is one of Raymond Reddington’s many associates, will be around for at least three episodes. We’re always happy for this, since it is such a different role for Paul, and it expands more of Red’s own history and social circle. Also, getting more of Vargas works to give us hope that the show is moving in a slightly-more serialized direction in this season as opposed to what we had last year.

For those wondering more about some of the show’s long-standing mythologies, all executive producer John Eisendrath would say is that those are going to be coming throughout the course of the season:

“In the course of 22 episodes, we will of course give more answers about the past … But at the moment the season opens, we are focused entirely on the present.”

Honestly, at this point the present is more of what we care about. We’re sure that eventually we will understand more of Liz’s history with Red, but given that almost the entire show is based around this secret, it is going to be almost impossible for the writers to live up to this amount of hype. Therefore, it’s better to get the entertainment more so out of the journey, which is fun and introduces us to many odd characters like Vargas.

(Photo: NBC.)

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