‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 12 review: Karma, Reagan, Lauren play the sabotage game

LaurenThere are some shows that can get away with being completely ridiculous and somehow getting away with it. “Faking It” is one of those said shows, and Tuesday night’s new episode was ridiculous and also ridiculously funny.

Basically, many characters on the show had plots tonight to get back at people who have wronged them, and the results were mixed to say the least. For example, we had Karma deciding that she and Reagan were going to team up to sabotage each other’s exes while at a fancy dinner for Squirkle, the company owned by Liam’s parents. Reagan tried to drug him, and ended up accidentally sabotaging her dad. While all of this was going on, Karma’s act of terrible sabotage was pretty simple: Giving Reagan’s ex a non-Vegan egg roll. The terror!

While all of this was going on, Lauren decided that she was going to break into Theo’s new high school to expose him for a fraud. After a cheerleading competition gone terribly wrong (clearly the best moment of the entire episode), she then decided that she wanted to back out of the plan … only for Amy and Shane to ruin it for her.

Ultimately, the big reveal at the end is that there is trouble on the horizon for Amy and Reagan. Reagan’s had a stipulation that she doesn’t want to date people who are confused about their sexuality after what happened with her ex, and as it turns out, Amy very much is. Couldn’t this cause problems? You have to think that it would. Episode Grade: B+.

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