‘The Last Ship’ season 2 finale review: A shocking (possible) death soils an engagement, celebration

Last Ship -

Throughout the majority of season 2 of “The Last Ship,” we have seen a fairly epic battle brewing between the Immunes and the crew of the Nathan James. During the finale Sunday, everything came to a head as Chandler, Michener, and the rest of the crew did what they could to keep their vow to bring the cure to the American people.

As they saw, this was not exactly easy when many of the Immunes were desperate to carry out Ramsey’s wishes in causing more chaos to the earth, vilifying the Navy while also trying to tout themselves as something superior. As we start to experience some success for them, there were many a moving moment, especially when the entire crew made it to St. Louis and they really had a chance to experience the fruits of all of their labor.

Not long after their arrival, the newly-appointed President Michener started to make his first real moves, which included appointing Chandler as the head of Navy operations. It’s a huge promotion, but one he felt he could trust him with. Everyone was starting to settle in, Kara and Danny got engaged in a simple-but-sweet moment and Rachel was ready to depart for the next step.

Then, the unthinkable happened in the closing minutes of the episode, when Rachel was brutally shot in cold blood. The woman responsible for administering the cure may now be gone; we didn’t see her die for sure, but how else do you read that final scene? We knew that something horrible had to be coming by the time we made it to the end of the episode, but we did not expect it to be this. Then again, it does make a little bit of sense in a sad way. Part of the intention of this show is to leave the crew on the precipice of disaster, and what better way is there to do this than take away a key cog from the equation?

Despite our sadness over the ending, it really does not take away from what we feel was a quality season finale. Grade: B+.

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