‘Scorpion’ season 2 premiere review: Paige admits to kissing Walter. Also, Gene Simmons!

Scorpion season 2We all know that Walter and Paige have some serious feelings for each other on “Scorpion”, and both have basically admitted it – just not to each other. Is season 2 going to be the time to get these two together or will this be another season of “will they or won’t they”? We also have the Toby and Happy situation where we know they love each other, but Happy’s inability to let herself really trust anyone (even more so after Toby stood her up for their first date) may leave this relationship dangling in the wind a while longer. Let’s see what the show has in store for season 2.

If you have been waiting to see a lot chemistry between Walter and Paige then this season looks like the season for you! Paige told Walter that she kissed him while he was unconscious and you could see the hope on his face that maybe she was going to open up about her feelings, but instead she told him that she thought she had feelings for him, but thinks that it was just because they were put into difficult situations and it made her think she had feelings when she didn’t. When she tells him that it’s better they keep it professional for the sake of the team, Walter is quick to agree and doesn’t admit to any feelings that he has for her. We were surprised that Paige admitted this so early in the season, but were very happy they didn’t drag this out.

In fact, this premiere went all in with this storyline as we saw Walter hack the hospital security footage and keep video of Paige kissing him in his computer… that everyone ended up seeing including Paige. Walter decides to come clean to Paige about his feelings for her, but tells her that he really can’t dive into them because his feelings make him unstable and is afraid that it will jeopardize team Scorpion since his feelings make it too difficult for him to focus. CBS went all in with these two and the big risks paid off for everyone shipping these two.

So did Paige and Walter keep it platonic? Nope, they kissed! Unfortunately they went back into denial afterwards about how much chemistry there really is between them.

Also, we had a little movement on the Happy, Toby romance. She admitted that she’s scared to be hurt by him, but after he took care of her, she’s opening up a bit to the idea of dating him.

We have to mention that there was a fun cameo from Gene Simmons working with Cabe on a film project (before being reinstated at his job) and we hope to see more celebrity cameos this season. Over all, this was a really great premiere and it was worth the long wait for new episodes. We are excited for an action packed season, but what we are most interested in are the romances – so much chemistry in this little Scorpion garage! Episode grade: B+

What did you think of the season 2 premiere of “Scorpion” and do you want to see Walter and Paige get together this season? Leave us a comment below and tell us your hopes for season 2. If you are looking for more news on the show then head on over to the link here where you can get more reviews, previews and spoilers all about “Scorpion”. Also, if you want to get more great TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: CBS)

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