‘The Walking Dead’ season 6 premiere review: A horde of walkers threatens Alexandria

The Walking Dead season 6It has been a long time since we’ve had new episodes of “The Walking Dead” and even though we had “Fear the Walking Dead” premiering over the summer, it’s just not a substitute for the original property no matter how good we thought it was. We are six seasons invested in Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol and Michonne and have seen them battling walkers, cannibals and the evil Governor and they are still surviving it all. What’s in store for our survivors this season?

We thought that the reunion with Rick and Morgan was going to go a lot differently then this, but with everything that’s happened to Rick since he first met Morgan it’s made Rick not trust anyone, so Morgan gets locked up until they can get reacquainted. After talking more and going on a run to dump a body, they find that their original connection and trust is still there between them.

While out in the forest, Morgan and Rick come across a quarry filled with zombies, thousands of walkers close to Alexandria. Rick brings this information back to the group, saying that they need to come up with a plan to get them away from their home, since the only thing keeping them in the quarry are two transport trucks and the noise they are creating is bringing more and more of them. The plan comes together to drive them away from their home with the help of our original group and some of the new people from Alexandria.

Carter and some of the other townspeople don’t want to help and instead want to kill Rick and take the community back, but they don’t realize that this divide has to stop if both groups hope to survive and stay living in Alexandria. After Rick thwarts their plans to kill him, they decide to all work together and drive the zombie horde away. As he sees Rick’s plan working, Carter apologizes and it looks like the community is working together as a team… that is until Carter gets bit by a walker and starts screaming, attracting some of the horde. After killing Carter, Rick is able to help get the walkers back on track and away from Alexandria.

Unfortunately when some random horn starts blaring from Alexandria the entire horde starts making it’s way back to Alexandria and everything the whole group worked to do all episode was for nothing. So what’s going on with this blaring horn? That’s a story for next week.

Having the past in black and white and the present in color was an interesting concept and one we were glad to see the show playing around with since they love doing flashbacks and it was getting a little tired. We liked seeing the two groups come together to protect their home and really realize that to survive they all need to be on the same side, but will this last? Episode grade: B+

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