‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 12 preview: A look at the immediate future and beyond!

The second season of “Faking It” has quite a long road to travel before it gets to the finale, and in there it’s very well possible that we could see a variety of other twists and turns … with one of them being Karma and Amy deciding that it is best that they start up their fake relationship once again.

While there are a variety of standout moments in the extended trailer below, one of the biggest ones to us is the realization that we are going back down this road. Within that, there’s also a big question: How do we get to this point again? That is going to be a difficult issue for the show to try to deal with, since by and large they don’t want to run the risk of accidentally ruining their friendship. Karma already knows that the last time this happened, Amy fell in love with her. Why would she be willing to do this again unless she was well aware and okay with this possibly happening again? For the time being, this is a fairly worthy question.

Here’s another one: Is anyone going to believe them? This show has taught us that few secrets every stay that way for long, with one of the funniest moments of the entire trailer being Lauren proclaiming that this is because of Shane frequently outing them. He has feelings for Duke, but he cannot bring himself to admit that he is the reason why he ultimately had to come out.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more from this episode and the season as a whole; stay tuned!

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