‘Mr. Robot’ season 2: Rami Malek on Elliot – Mr. Robot dynamic moving forward

Robot -It took a long time on USA’s “Mr. Robot” for Elliot to start to piece together the truth about his alter ego, but in the end he finally did. In the past two episodes, we learned the truth about Christian Slater’s character being a manifestation in Elliot’s head, and by the end of the finale, he started to understand more that he was harnessing himself, and causing these thoughts to enter his brain.

Now that he is a little more aware of his dissociative identity, is this something that he can use to his advantage? Can he actually control Mr. Robot? It’s much more complicated than that. Rami Malek was sensational throughout the first ten episodes, and speaking to Variety in a postmortem of the finale, he teased that there could still be some sort of challenges ahead for his character in trying to figure this out:

“I wouldn’t say that he knows how to summon him. It’s not like “I Dream of Jeannie” where he can just snap his fingers. It would be this comedic moment if he just had to call 911! (Laughs.) There must be a place where he comes to realize that he doesn’t need to summon him, that he realizes he just is him. Or he starts taking his meds. But something tells me that’s not going to be the case.”

The real thing that Elliot may need to figure out, if he doesn’t actually start to use Mr. Robot to his advantage, is how he can end up using him to his advantage. Is that really possible? Hopefully we’re going to have a chance to figure that out at some point in the near future.

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