‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: More hints will be revealed about Red, Liz relationship

The Blacklist logo any seasonAt this particular point in time with “The Blacklist,” everyone is hungry for answers. What’s the connection between Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington, and how is Tom fitting into the mystery? Both are worthy questions, but when it comes to Red and Liz it appears almost as though the show is not at all in a hurry to drop the answers you really want.

As a part of a new interview with TVLine, executive producer John Eisendrath made it clear that while the show is focusing primarily on Liz and Red on the run from the FBI in the early part of season 3, the central mystery at the heart of the show will not be forgotten about entirely:

“We will give hints. There will be echoes of questions that we will bring up about [Liz’s] mother … We will infuse the episodes with some of that, but a lot of the beginning is, ‘What’s happening now? How are they going to escape Ressler? Are they going to avoid capture?’”

Now, the question that you really do have to wonder to yourself at the moment is whether or not the show is making the right move when it comes to withholding its main secret, especially given a drop in ratings for season 2 even before the show moved over to Thursday night. Our feeling is that viewers are not as patient for a big reveal as they were five or ten years ago, and you have to be a little more quick to pull the trigger when it comes to reveals and then replace it with a new mystery. Our preference here ultimately would be the show giving us some of the information that we want now, and then coming up with new challenges for future seasons. Even if Liz and Red mutually understand each other, does it have to mean the end of the show?

(Photo: NBC.)

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