‘Chicago PD’ season 2 premiere review: Will Voight solve Jin’s murder?

Last season on “Chicago PD” we were left hanging as Jin was murdered and there were many suspects floating around, but is Voight really one of them and would he kill Jin? We all know that Voight rides that line between what’s legal and what’s not legal, and sometimes he will cross the line if he thinks it will bring justice, but we want to think that killing Jin is not in his wheelhouse.

Although Jin is dead, he is still reaching out to Halstead from beyond the grave as he receives a package containing a flash drive and a note saying “I know I can trust you”. He learns that Jin was working with Internal Affairs, so he ropes Lindsay into the situation to see if she thinks Voight might be part of this mess, but she thinks Halstead is barking up the wrong tree.

Halstead ends up giving the flash drive to Voight and he uses it to confront Stillwell. Voight learns that Jin had a recording of Stillwell threatening and blackmailing him, but Stillwell tells Voight that if he reveals this information he will tell everyone about their deal – will he walk away and leave Jin’s murder unsolved?

After contemplating his options (and a visit from Jin’s mom), he decides to to the right thing and he hands over the flash drive which leads to Stillwell’s arrest. Voight’s secret about working with IA to take down high level criminals comes out and Stillwell tells everyone they had a partnership which leads to Voight handing over his gun and badge.

The moment of the episode for us was watching Voight take some of his secret stash cash to give to Jin’s father to pay off his gambling debts so he can have a clean slate and start again. It’s not a move that Voight would normally be part of, but because it’s Jin, it made sense that he would go there. Episode grade: A-

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