‘The Last Ship’ season 2, episode 12 review: Is Sean really gone?

Chandler -We’re a little late when it comes to our review for episode 2×12 of “The Last Ship” on TNT, but it does still feel at the same time like there are many things worthy of discussing here … beginning of course with the possible exit of one of our villains of the season.

Have we seen the end of Sean? With the submarine seemingly dispatched, it would be quick to argue so … but we’re never so sure with this show or any other in the genre, for that matter. There’s still an episode left, and so long as you have that, there is always just enough room for ambiguity that something else crazy could happen, and then the entire world as we know it could again get flipped on its head.

If this is the end for the character, at least it is coming in a pretty awesome fashion at the end of what has to be one of the best land-and-sea battles that we’ve seen on the show in some time. In terms of action, this is the best stuff we’ve seen since the premiere.

In terms of story movement, we’re also in a good place going into the finale where the path ahead is reasonably clear, even though there is room for detours. Rachel has started to realize now that the cure can work, and the goal is to start spreading it and earning the love of the American people (what’s left of them, anyway) before the Immunes can carry out Ramsey’s remaining plans. This could be a really excellent finale based on all of this tension, and Chandler’s got his work cut out for him. Grade: B+.

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