‘Suits’ season 5, episode 10 (summer finale) review: The many forms of resignation

SuitsThe moment that we started getting flashbacks all across the board on the “Suits” summer finale Wednesday night, we know that we were in store for a great episode. “Faith” was beautiful, emotional, difficult, and one of the best episodes of the entire series. The firm was completely on the verge of toppling, and even leading up to the episode we were told that at least one person would be resigning from the firm.

As it turned out, the episode concluded with Mike Ross deciding that he would take his life into his own hands, and as a result no longer wanted to work for the firm as a liar in a suit. He resigned, using a talk from his one-time priest to encourage him to believe that he would not lose Rachel Zane despite his fears that he would. What he did not realize along the way was that someone had ratted on him to the authorities before he could even exit the building.

Admittedly, the arrest of Mike is probably the realistic result of his actions, but we were starting to think that he was about to get his redemption under his own terms. It is the arrest that may be the night’s weak point, largely because it was so coincidental and the night found its emotional core even without it.

Joining Mike out the door is none other than his own mentor in Harvey Specter, who realized that rather than to have Jessica protect him, he was going to protect her for a change and make sure that neither Jack Soloff nor Daniel Hardman get one over on her. The scenes with Harvey, Mike, and Jessica in the past were beautiful, and nice little moments to flesh out these characters. These people are so gloriously flawed that you want to root for them.

It’s interesting than episode of “Suits” even with only a small dose of Donna and Louis can still be wonderful, but it still was. We’re not sure what the writers were trying to tell us about faith by having Mike get arrested right after learning his lesson … but this is a lesson he should have learned long ago. What a beautiful, gut-wrenching our of TV this was, and it cements the status of “Suits” even more as one of TV’s best character studies. Grade: A.

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