‘Falling Skies’ season 5, episode 9 reaction: Pope problems and Lexi (or is it?) lead into series finale

Falling SkiesFalling Skies” has been inching ever closer to the end of the series, but with the war tonight, the show took what was arguably its greatest leap forward.

Let’s start today by talking about Pope, a man who was sold to us as dead but is almost surely not actually dead. There was no body! If we don’t see the body, we’re just going to assume that there is something more for the character. It would be beyond silly for this to be the end of his story at this point; are you really going to do away with one of the show’s most-notable characters with a two-minute scene? We care about him at least as much as Ben, who had much more airtime.

Part of the problem with the final season of the show, and really this episode, is that they may have spent too much time trying to wright some of the wrongs of the past. It was cool to get Lexi back in some way to try and recover from some of the missteps of the past, but it wasn’t really Lexi. It was more of a testing ground for a weapon than anything else. We’re not sure that we really needed it looking back, and we wish we had some more time at the Lincoln Memorial.

Ultimately, it is really time that is the problem tonight. Maybe there was only so much money in the budget, but it just doesn’t feel like we have enough time next week to give this series a fitting conclusion. We don’t care so much about tying together every little thing that the show has ever done (it has been too inconsistent throughout its run for that), but we want to see something big, triumphant, and hopeful for Tom Mason or any surviving members of the 2nd Mass. We want to have that time to be hopeful, provided of course the final mission works out.

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