‘Power’ season 2 finale reaction: Is Kanan dead, Ghost and Angela, and other questions

We expecting a big ending to the second season of “Power,” but we’re not sure we thought that everything was going to happen tonight in the way in which it did.

Let’s start here with what we feel is the main event of the entire episode: What happened to Kanan, which was yet another big move by Ghost that could shake the show to its core and give him another motivation to come after him in the third season. We’re not entirely sure just how Kanan managed to make it through all of this, but somehow he did. Sometimes, it’s probably better to not question the details too closely.

As for another surprise, how about Angela finding a way to sell out Greg here, and have him be the one who receives the harshest punishment of the two? We didn’t really see a scenario where she was both alive and still working at the end of the finale, but she was … and there may still be something ahead for her and Ghost in the process. We don’t think these two are ever going to be stable, mostly because they are both keeping secrets and Ghost is still, despite his attempts here and there to be above-board, dangerous. what happened to most of his organization tonight is proof of that.

As for some other major events in this episode, let’s specifically highlight some of the following:

1. Lobos, who is still alive (albeit hospitalized), getting Tommy now to be his new guy, and also wanting him to take out Ghost.

2. Dre seemingly rising up Ghost’s ranks after previously looking like he wanted out.

3. Holly coming back, which seems somewhat crazy to us since she had the perfect out to leave if she really wanted to.

Overall, an eventful finale, and one that sets the stage for the future very well.

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