A ‘Deadwood’ movie may still happen on HBO

Here is a report that we certainly did not envision happening for you tonight: It is starting to look as though HBO may be able to wrap up “Deadwood” in a way that it was always intended.

According to TVLine, there are some potential talks starting to surface now about giving the beloved series, canceled back in 2006, the ending that it really deserves. Originally there were plans for there to be a proper movie to wrap things up, but that never came to fruition.

We have to think at the moment that a “Deadwood” movie would be very well-received, and would get HBO some goodwill in the process. While this network has done a fairly good job over the years of making sure their series received the conclusions that they deserved, “Deadwood” was in many ways an eyesore for them. Finding a way to finally give this a proper ending is something that many wanted, and it looks as though we’re at least in the early stages of this happening. Not only would you get many fans of the original series, but you would also be able to reel in some who did not watch until after the fact.

We’re not going to start any celebration just yet, though. There’s still a lot of time for something to go wrong here, but in between “Prison Break” and “The X-Files,” reviving old series seems to be very much in vogue at the moment. Plus, who doesn’t want to see this particular old favorite back?

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