‘Teen Wolf’ season 5, episode 6 review: Is Theo in Stiles’ head?

Teen WolfTeen Wolf” Monday night continued its tradition of having a variety of stories that confused the heck out of everyone, in between the chimera and whatever in the world Theo is trying to do with Stiles and Malia. That shirtless gym scene with him is one of the most awkward things we’ve seen on the show in some time and we know this show loves it’s shirtless scenes.

Still, we feel like the major theme of this episode was the secrets you keep, and also what can happen with them. The decision by Theo to blackmail Stiles over Donovan was bold on his part. Maybe it comes back to bite him … okay it probably will. Theo wants to keep what he did to the Chimera a secret from Scott, and in the process may want to fracture the Scott / Stiles friendship. Just in case what Theo is doing with Malia is not enough, there’s also this!

Other than this moment, the big theme of the night were going back to the past to unlock secrets about the present. Scott tried to work with Lydia on uncovering some secrets from her past, while also simultaneously dealing with the fact that they have a major problem when to Kira. Is she changing, and starting to become someone he cannot trust? While all this was taking place, Stiles had visions about times with his mother that were hard to look back on.

Overall, this episode did have some cool sequences, and over time the effects in particular have gotten particularly strong. Do we think the show is starting to be a little too trippy? Probably, but that is what happens when you bring in a group of villains as ethereal as the Dread Doctors are. Still we do get the sense the show is catering well to its audience, and that is for the most part what they want to see. Grade: B.

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