‘Last Comic Standing’ review: Meet Ambrose Jones, Amy Miller, Chrystian Ramirez

Last Comic -Earlier this weekend, we put on our comedy cap (if only there was such a thing!) to take on the first hour of the “Last Comic Standing” premiere. We didn’t want to take on both rounds of the invitations at once in a piece, mostly because we find that if we focus on too many contestants at once our mind starts to slowly turn into mush.

Before we get to the second group of acts from the premiere, a quick reminder you can read our take on the first group here. We’re only focusing on the people who advanced, since much like Donald Trump we only like winners. (Yes, telling a Trump joke is the ultimate low-hanging fruit at the moment since everyone is doing it.)

Incomplete. Kevin Bozeman – We really didn’t get to see enough of him to know if he is really that funny or not.

5. Esther Pavinsky – It’s not really that much of a slam to put Esther at fifth here, since we rather liked every one of the comics who advanced. The only reason that she is not higher is that other than the joke about her first name, we cannot point out much in her set that we’re going to remember. The judges debating her after the fact almost overshadowed some of her act.

4. Bryan Kellen – He was a fairly-funny comic who got a ton of air time and probably will go far this season. For the most part, we found the bits about his nose funny, but not so much hilarious. We really weren’t on board until we got to his doing physical comedy complete with Scooby-Doo references.

3. Chrystian Ramirez – Keenen Ivory Wayans had a good note about getting some of his word-total down, but we still found many of his jokes especially funny once we got to him. We’ve never heard of this particular take on Staten Island, or a guy who grows us with women and doesn’t know how he is meant to properly “wear a towel.”

2. Amy Miller – Clearly, Norm MacDonald did not care for hearing jokes about dead fathers or Portland. This was really the only time during the entire two-hour premiere that he tried to offer up a negative critique. We get that Amy’s delivery can be a little stunted, but we love how off-guard she got us with some of her jokes on a network TV show. There is a part of us that watches comics to see them make light of the darkest situations, and tell a joke that so many of us would be afraid to say out loud. We maybe laughed more at her individual jokes than anyone else in the premiere.

1. Ambrose Jones – What we really love about Ambrose is that first and foremost, he is willing to make fun of his own life before he starts to make fun of anyone else. You get a real sense of who he is, the jokes are consistent, and it’s a different point of view than we’re used to. It’s great to have a comic who introduces himself so effectively in just a few minutes with jokes about stepfathers, and then makes us laugh at the same time.

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