‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Selected of God, Craig Lewis Band, Jenna Renae lead judge cuts round

America's Got Talent -The second round of the judge cuts on “America’s Got Talent” aired on Tuesday night, and we wish that we could ultimately have more praise for it than we do. It just ended up feeling like a disappointment. There were so many acts we expected more from, whether it be some singers, a dance group or two, and also a comic who just froze up on stage. Sure, there were still a few who did raise their game and managed to earn their way to the next round.

Just like with the review last week, we are going to be coming back at the end of the episode to tell you a thing or two about the results. Be sure to refresh the page!

Aiden Sinclair – We like his story, and for the most part like his magic. He’s not the character that Piff the Magic Dragon is, but at least we can give him some props for being the second most interest magic act in the competition right now.

Jenna Renae – It was a little more low-key than the other singers, but we still thought her “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” was excellent.

Shirley Claire – She’s nice enough, but we don’t want to see her get through just because of her age. Right now, it feels like that would be the only reason.

Daniella Mass – Meanwhile, Daniella is a really great singer. “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” was an interesting choice choice for a modern singing show, but she did make it work! Hats off to her for that.

Ira – Clearly, Ira is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Some are going to like her, while others are going to not stand the shtick here. We do find it funny; it’s not winning any awards, so at least it is different.

Benjamin Yonatton – We really admire him and love his story. Like Shirley, though, he is not someone who we think should be making it to the next round based solely on merit, though.

Dr. Danger’s All-Stars – We don’t know what happened here. Maybe the show lost some of its zeal without the judges there in person, but this stunt was a little bit of a bummer. It just wasn’t anything that we have not seen before.

Uzeyer – This is a cheeky, fun act. We really wish that we would see him move on, but at this point in the show, we’re utterly clueless what the judges are going to want to do here.

Craig Lewis Band – We have our golden buzzer here! These two guys are fantastic. We wish they didn’t have to sing such an overdone number in “I’m Going Down,” but we really can’t fault them for that.

Scott Heierman – A great comic performer, but unfortunately one who froze up completely.

Selected of God – We’re not going to say that they are the best choir we have ever heard in the competition, but their main selling point is their energy. We didn’t love their song choice of “Survivor,” but they made us love it.

The advancing acts tonight included DM Nation, Benjamin, Uzeyer, Daniella, Ira, and of course Selected of God. This is an interesting choice of people, mostly because we would’ve swapped out Aiden and Jenna for Benjamin and Ira.

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