‘Outlander’ season 2: Comic-Con panel with Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, producers, Diana Gabaldon (live updates)

Outlander -Fans of “Outlander,” rejoice! After a great deal of waiting, the season 2 Comic-Con preview panel is taking place at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday. We’re going to be here to provide you as many different updates as possible as the discussion goes along. Therefore, refresh the page often, and we’ll be sure to get our fingers typing at the fastest speed possible to give you the majority of the information you want to know.

First, let’s start with the attendees. Joining executive producers Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore at the event are stars Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie), and then also series author Diana Gabaldon. We anticipate many season 1 stories, season 2 scoop, and then also a few questions about how all of this will connect to the books. The panel is being held at Ballroom 20; while it isn’t as large as the cavernous Hall H, it is one of the largest venues that the San Diego Convention Center has to offer.

3:50 – We are waiting online for the updates to begin. Stay tuned!

4:00 – Here is the seating arrangement for the event, from left to right: Diana, Sam, Cait, Maril, Ron.

4:04 – The group is in the building! Of course, there was mass applause, and Balfe took a moment to take a snap of the audience in attendance. Remember here that this is something that is very unusual even still for the cast to be a part of, and it’s equally special for them to be in front of so many people.

4:06 – More brought a clip of the second season to show. The preview ran in high-speed, but there was footage of a pregnant Claire, some steamy sex scenes, and a showcase of the new locale that is Paris. Once we get an official clip, we’ll be able to give more thorough analysis.

4:09 – Gabaldon will write an episode for season 2!

4:11 – You have probably heard this in other interviews, but the second season is going to be more complicated for Moore and his team to adapt. There’s a whole lot more going on.

4:14 – David and Moore make it clear that they always try to bring the story back to the books, even if it does drift for a little while at times.

4:15 – Booze delivery!!

4:17 – Lots of cheeky line-reading going on. Hopefully a video will be posted at some point; this plays a lot better in the hall than with someone describing it after the fact.

4:21 – No cameo for Gabaldo in season 2. Meanwhile, Heughan acts irritated when Balfe mentions all the attractive new men this season.

4:25 – September 29 is the DVD release. Plenty of time before the holidays!

4:26 – Now, a gag reel. We’ll try to create something around this if the video is released online. Typical gags, but once again not as funny in written form. (Update: Look below!)

4:27 – Heughan loves to do some of the more physical scenes, and enjoys the horse riding.

4:30 – There will be less kilt in season 2. Hopefully, this will lead to less people asking Sam in interviews what’s under it.

4:31 – Gabaldon knows the last scene of the last book. Also, the fan questions are starting now.

4:33 – Moore learned that it can get REALLY cold in Scotland at times. We imagine a fish out of water situation in our head.

4:36 – Sometimes, it’s difficult for Cait to leave some of her work on set. This is something we personally talked about with Sam in an interview a while back.

4:38 – Lots of talk about all of the different outfits in Paris, and how Cait is looking forward to wearing many of them.

4:40 – Sam is being dressed as a pirate by moderator Kristin Dos Santos as a result of winning some poll on E!’s site earlier this year. Basically, he’s Colin O’Donoghue from “Once Upon a Time.”

4:44 – Sam’s very game for all of this, which is a nice way of thanking his fans for their support.

4:48 – Heughan praises Tobias Menzies once again, and the panel winds down with a season 2 reel.

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