‘The 100’ season 3 spoilers: Comic-Con scoop from Eliza Taylor, cast

The third season of “The 100” is going to be coming to The CW at some point in midseason. In other words, you’re going to have a heck of a long time to wait between seasons! Hopefully, the majority of the fans will stick around, and prepare for what could be a very different story moving forward.

One thing in particular that was pointed out at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel today is that really for the first time since the show’s beginning, there is going to be a pretty substantial time jump. That will allow the characters to catch their breath, and that includes Clarke having some time to come to terms to what she did to her own people at the end of season 2.

As for how this character moves forward, this is something that Eliza Taylor commented on in a very vague manner at the panel:

“[Clarke has gone] gone bats**t crazy. What she did at the end of the season [with leaving her people behind] was so huge and traumatic, so she’s running away, which is very un-Clarke-like. When we pick things up, I think she’s going to be losing it a little.”

So will Bellamy be able to be one the proper leader now with Clarke gone? Early indications suggest that it is possible. The focus in general may be a little more science fiction based, which to us is awesome given that The CW does not have many other shows at the moment that are firmly moving in this particular direction. “Legends of Tomorrow” is probably the closest thing to it.

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