‘Royal Pains’ season 7, episode 6 review: Did Jeremiah come back to work?

Dr. Sacani -It really feels like “Royal Pains” season 7 just started, and as a result of that it is somewhat crazy to sit here and think that there are only two more episodes left. Tonight’s “Secret Asian Man” at times did not even do that much to press forward the story, other than some of the standard medical crises and getting some characters to learn or re-learn a few things about themselves.

The Jeremiah story almost as always remains one of the most intriguing parts of the show to us, mostly because you have here a very brilliant man who allows his social detachment to often get in the way of what he is capable of doing. Tonight, that meant him hiding away and doing research after being taken advantage of. Divya struggled without his help, and when she forgot a part of the procedure, he ended up having to administer CPR to her. Our frustrations still exist about Jeremiah and Divya not going forward, since there is so much more chemistry there than with any other person we have seen her with.

Meanwhile, Evan getting mixed up with the man of mystery that is Boris once again did not prove to be an easy affair. Boris tasked him with helping to create a diversion while what was very previous cargo was brought in … in the form of a little boy. Boris is working to try to help pull off some medical miracles, but the problem here is that he tends to continue operating within his own rules and his own lines.

We wish that there was some forward movement when it comes to Hank’s personal life beyond what we saw or even Evan and Paige … but there is only so much that can be fit into an hour of this show. We at least very much enjoyed this episode and getting to spend more time with Dr. Sacani; the biggest misfortune is that we are only two installments from the end.¬†Grade: B.

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