‘Forever’ officially dead; creator posts message after failing to find season 2 home

Forever -While this not exactly the biggest surprise in the world, it appears that “Forever’s” run on television is officially fairly short-lived. ABC canceled the show last May, and ever since then creator Matt Miller and studio Warner Bros. TV has done just about everything they can in order to find someone else out there who wants to give the series another shot.

Unfortunately, that just has not happened, and it is not too big of a surprise given that the number of shows actually saved post-cancellation this year has been rather small. (“The Mindy Project” is really the most notable exception to the rule.) Miller posted a message on TwitLonger confirming the news, but also saying that the end of the show’s journey for now does not mean that it will be dead forever:

“…Wish I had better news. But if we’ve learned nothing else from Dr. Henry Morgan, it’s that it’s a long life. And who knows? Maybe some cable channel or streaming service will come to the obvious conclusion we all have… there’s a great cast and crew out there ready to get back to work. Hey, a 200-year-old immortal washed up naked on the shores of Manhattan. Stranger s**t has happened.”

While there has not been a new suitor for the series, all we have seen for the most part over the past couple of weeks is how much people involved with this show seemed to love making it. It was the fun, old-school crime show that probably would have been a hit had it come on five or so years ago … or at least we hope. We’re just trying to envision a world where this show is still on the air.

We’ll let you know if there is anything that changes moving forward, but for the time being head over here to get some other updates on everything we cover, sent right to you via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: ABC.)

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