‘The Bachelorette’ review: Shawn Booth learns about Nick Viall, Kaitlyn Bristowe sleeping together

Shawn B -Tonight’s “The Bachelorette” remained in Ireland, and for the most part it really hit over the head something that happened a few weeks ago. You can really tell just how little the show has story wise when you are basically seeing the same confessional from Shawn Booth over and over again about Nick Viall. We get it: You’re upset about learning that Kaitlyn Birstowe slept with the guy in Dublin.

There is a whole lot of other stuff to get to in this review, so we do not really want to dwell just on this. Instead, let’s navigate through the other relationship drama, which included pouting, cursing, and chest-puffing galore.

Ben H.’s date – Pretty boring. Ben’s a good guy, and probably a Bachelor candidate if he does not win this show. We just don’t see him as edgy enough for Kaitlyn. He doesn’t have that same white-hot chemistry that we see her have with Nick and Shawn, even if those two guys also bring more drama with them. The less we say about this, the better out of fear of boring ourselves in our own review.

The group date – Yes, this is where the moment that Shawn found out about Nick, and the fact that she told him like this is a sign that she really cares about him. Let’s instead focus on Joe Bailey, who really did not take this elimination well. We actually like it more when someone gets legitimately ticked off about being sent home; it’s so much more organic than someone acting like it’s okay. It’s not!

The rose ceremony – This is when Shawn decided to play the “hold on a second” game with Kaitlyn. We actually think she handled this conversation pretty well, and we thought that both she and Shawn made good points. He understandably was upset about how she handled it, and she apologized for leading him on with the “you’re the one” comment. This felt pretty real, and while the buildup to it was insane, the conversation was worthwhile.

Kaitlyn sent Jared Haibon here, and Loveman played this very differently than Joe. Maybe he realized that there was no sense in being mad, or he just realized that it was better to come off looking good on TV.

Nick’s overnight date – This probably made many of you out there cringe, but there were some interesting moments out there. Kaitlyn and Nick did have some genuine bonding moments, but it’s strange to go from having some sweet moments of conversation to him throwing Shawn out of the bus completely out of nowhere. These two guys have almost built each other up as these supervillains in their heads, and it is definitely bizarre to watch.

As for Shawn coming in to confront him … well, that’s nothing. Just silly nonsense between two guys with huge egos. Episode Grade: B-.

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