‘The Last Ship’ season 2, episode 4 review: Destruction of ‘Solace’

The Last Ship -Sometimes, we do feel like “The Last Ship” can tend to over-complicate things, and even at times forget ultimately just what show this is. It is not a program really designed to deliver on a bunch of isolated character stories (even though these are nice from time to time). Instead, this is far more of an ensemble show than it is anything else, and on Sunday night’s new episode most of the Nathan James’ crew had a chance to shine (if you want to call it that) while exploring a hospital ship in the Solace.

There was motivation to check this ship out clearly: The possibility of a larger lab and some potential friendlies could help dramatically with the creation of the cure, and allowing it to spread as fast as humanly possible. Then again, you can do all of the search in the world and still end up getting a little bit of egg on your face, and that is seemingly what happened over the course of the episode here. Not only after boarding, the discovery was made that there were still some other hostiles aboard.

What we ended up having in “Solace” was for the most part an action-packed hour that reminded us that you really cannot save everyone, and it questions whether or not the short-term pain of losing people is worth the long-term benefit of additional resources. There were some crew members saved, but in doing this rescue there may be even more enemies now.

While it is probably torment to Chandler and company, the best part of the episode to us is seeing the submarine emerging at the very end, and the reminder that we are not even remotely out of the woods with these characters yet. Grade: B+.

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